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Chorus is designed with minimal infrastructure to keep internal operating expenses low. The staff consists of a small group of experienced scientists and operational experts, with an average of 18 years of drug development experience across the department.

To complement our nimble organization, Chorus leverages external capacity experts to answer important drug development questions and to implement Chorus work, from manufacturing, to toxicology and clinical operations.

For effective planning, implementation, and partnership with our external third party providers, a number of key competencies have been established within Chorus. Each of these areas provides an important point of focus needed to implement targeted drug development experiments used to answer criticial scientific questions.

Our Service Groups:

  1. provide the point of contact for a vast network of external content experts (diversity and innovation);
  2. design creative approaches and use cutting-edge methodology and technologies to solve challenging problems; and
  3. efficiently coordinate the global external activities with contract vendors.
This approach enables the rapid generation of key data that allows quick and cost-effective decision-making and early discharge of scientific risk. Most importantly, the nimble size of Chorus allows for the seamless integration of these areas to operate as a single, efficient unit.