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Hsiao D. Lieu
Managing Director, Chorus

Mark Deeg
Sr. Director, Chief Medical Officer

Soomin Park
Chief Operations Officer

D. Scott Coffey
Sr. Director, CMC

Ken Olovich
Chief Financial and Procurement Officer

Brian Spencer
Director, Quality

Bryan Boggs
Director, Regulatory

Hsiao D. Lieu, M.D., FACC Hsiao D. Lieu, M.D., FACC

Dr. Hsiao D. Lieu is the Managing Director of Chorus, a division of Lilly Research Laboratories. He is a board-certified cardiologist and researcher with a broad drug development experience, from all phases of development to commercialization, in both big pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Prior to Chorus, Dr. Lieu was the Senior Medical Director who led the cardiovascular and autoimmune franchises for Lilly U.S. Medical Affairs, where he was responsible for a number of marketed products.

Before Lilly, Dr. Lieu spent more than a decade in a number of San Francisco biopharmaceutical companies, where he held a variety of senior and executive management roles within these publicly-traded companies. He was successful in developing regadenoson (Lexiscan©) and developed a number of programs that were successfully partnered with other big pharmaceutical companies.

He was an attending physician at San Francisco General Hospital and an adjunct Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). He completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the J. David Gladstone Institute. His clinical post-graduate education included a cardiology fellowship at UCSF and internal medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. He received his M.D. from Albert Einstein School of Medicine with Special Distinction in Molecular Biology Research.

Mark Deeg Mark Deeg, MD, PhD, FNLA

Mark Deeg, MD, PhD, FNLA is Sr. Director/Chief Medical Officer for Chorus. He brings over 7 years of early drug development joining Eli Lilly in 2006. He is responsible for all medical and safety aspects of the group.

Dr. Deeg received his MD/PhD from the University of Minnesota in 1988. His postgraduate education included Internal Medicine at Case Western Reserve University and Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Diabetes at the University of Washington. Prior to joining Lilly, he served on the faculty at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

At Lilly, he has served as a Clinical Research Physician in Early Phase Program Development providing support to the diabetes portfolio. Later, he joined Tailored Therapeutics providing biomarker development and implementation to the diabetes, renal, and atherosclerosis portfolio.

Soomin Park Soomin Park, Ph.D., MBA

Dr. Soomin Park is the Chief Operations Officer for Chorus. She has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In this role, Dr. Park is responsible for managing the operational aspects of delivering the Chorus portfolio. She provides direct oversight of clinical operations within Chorus, capacity and capability management of the Chorus drug development team, and management of the internal LRL/Lilly interfaces and decision making process affecting the Chorus portfolio.

A statistician by training, Dr. Park has held multiple leadership positions within the Global Statistical Sciences since joining Lilly in 2001. She has extensive experience in early phase development and operations across various therapeutic areas. Most recently before joining Chorus, Dr. Park led the statistics group for programs across all phases of clinical development and commercialization supporting the Lilly diabetes franchise.

Dr. Park received her doctorate degree in Statistics at University of Wisconsin-Madison and MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

D. Scott Coffey D. Scott Coffey, Ph.D.

Dr. Scott Coffey is the Senior Director of CMC for Chorus. He brings over 15 years of early and late-phase pharmaceutical research and development and regulatory experience. Dr. Coffey is responsible for all aspects of chemistry manufacturing and control (CMC) for the group.

Dr. Coffey joined Eli Lilly and Company in 1999 as a Senior Organic Chemist in Chemical Process R&D. He held several roles in Lilly's CMC organization, including Director in Chemical Process R&D. Most recently, Dr. Coffey was Director, Global Regulatory Affairs — CMC, where he was responsible for the CMC regulatory sciences deliverables for the small molecule development portfolio and commercial products.

Dr. Coffey received his B.S. degree from Western Kentucky University and his Ph.D. from Indiana University. Prior to joining Lilly, he was an NIH post-doctoral fellow at the University of California, Irvine.

Ken Olovich Ken Olovich

Mr. Ken Olovich is the Chief Financial and Procurement Officer for Chorus. Ken has over 23 years of pharmaceutical research experience. As one of the original founding members of The Chorus Group in 2002, Ken can be credited with designing and implementing much of the Chorus approach to clinical vendor relations, contracting, finance and budgeting, quality, and general operations.

Prior to Chorus, Mr. Olovich served as Team Leader for Clinical Trial Operations in the Neuroscience Therapeutic Area where he supervised clinical associates and support staff in the planning and implementation of phase I/II neurology and psychiatry clinical trials. Prior to that role, Mr. Olovich was the Clinical Sourcing Team Leader within the Lilly Procurement division.

Ken earned his Masters of Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University and his Bachelor of Pharmacy from Purdue University.

Brian Spencer Brian M. Spencer

Mr. Brian Spencer is the Quality Assurance Director for Chorus. He brings 23 years of Commercial and Development Pharmaceutical Quality experience to Chorus. As Quality Assurance Director, Mr. Spencer is responsible for the quality system strategy, quality operations and quality oversight for all Chorus GMP, GCP, GLP and Pharmacovigilance internal and external activities.

Mr. Spencer joined Eli Lilly and Company in 2003 in Global QA Auditing and Compliance, then was QA Manager for Clinical API. Mr. Spencer has extensive expertise in parenteral drug product manufacturing and establishing, managing and executing quality systems. He began his career as a QC Analyst in the Microbiology Laboratory at Wyeth Ayerst Labs, in West Chester, PA. He held quality roles with increasing responsibility at The Liposome Company, Princeton, NJ; IDEC Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA; SmithKline Beecham BioPharmaceuticals, King of Prussia, PA; and Eximias Pharmaceuticals, Berwyn, PA, where he established and led the GXP Quality unit. Mr. Spencer has extensive experience auditing, qualifying and overseeing GMP, GCP, GLP, sterile compounding and Positron Emission Tomography third party facilities worldwide and has experience with Manufacturing and Clinical Investigator site FDA/EU inspections. He supported the development and commercialization of Abelcet® and Rituxan®.

Mr. Spencer received his Bachelor´s degree in Biology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Bryan Boggs Bryan Boggs

Bryan Boggs is the Regulatory Director for Chorus. He has over 22 years of pharmaceutical research experience, including US and European positions in clinical development, project management and regulatory affairs. Bryan is responsible for all activities related to regulatory and pharmacovigilance strategy and implementation.

He received his BS in Biology at Indiana University in 1984 and a Doctor of Pharmacy from Purdue University.