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Chorus, an autonomous division of Eli Lilly and Company, is an early phase drug development group that cost-effectively advances candidate molecules from discovery through clinical Proof of Concept (PoC).

The Chorus mission is to deliver definitive, quality PoC data enabling our business partners to efficiently sort a large stream of innovative candidates. The goal of Chorus is to deliver PoC data that permits informed go-no go investment decisions and, in the case of successful assets, drives a large step-up in probability of technical success and value. We do this by combining an integrated, virtual drug development platform with a more efficient drug development paradigm to deliver best-in-industry productivity. Taking the Chorus approach to early stage development, our business partners can markedly reduce the cost of early technical attrition while maintaining a call back option for promising assets. More>>
What has:
1) the agility of a start up company to efficiently and effectively advance a new molecule to clinical Proof of Concept;

2) the leverage, resources and reputation of one of the world's leading Pharmaceutical companies; and

3) the track record of achieving innovative global drug development?

The Answer?